Want great rates without the worry? Put RateGrinder to work for you every day, automatically!

TPG’s free RateAlert service ensures you’ll always have the lowest electric bill. We’ll monitor your plan daily and alert you if switching to a newer plan could save you even more. And we’ll email updated plan recommendations just before your contract expires. You control your providers and personal data, always know your best price, and avoid the shopping hassle. Simple!

To sign up, just email a photo, screenshot, or spreadsheet with your RateGrinder inputs and selected plan to RateAlert@texaspowerguide.com. We’ll confirm within 24 hours, then you’re all set!

RateAlert inputs
To sign up for RateAlert, send us anything that includes your inputs from the two sections highlighted in purple


More details:

RateAlert is offered at no extra charge to RateGrinder users. TPG will send one email reminder with new plan recommendations 14 days before your original plan’s expiration. We assume your plan start date is the date we received your sign-up email unless you tell us otherwise. Over the course of your original plan, if we find a newer plan that covers through your end date and could save you at least $100 after termination fees, then we’ll send you one alert email per incremental $100 savings opportunity ($100, $200, $300, and so on) with the details.