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For more details, see How To Shop for Electricity in Texas.

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RateGrinder calculator:

RateGrinder Detailed Instructions

Follow the steps below.  (If you’re using the downloaded version on your PC or laptop, you might have to enable ‘editing’ first.)

Step Instructions
1 Enter your ZIP Code and any filtering preferences in the yellow cells.  RateGrinder enter filters
2 Enter your monthly predicted (or historical) electricity usage from either:

  • Your past electric bills, or
  • The free site:
    • Create or Login to your account
    • Navigate to the “Usage” tab, then “My Usage” screen
    • Under “Report Option” \ “Report Type”, select “Monthly Usage”
    • Copy your 12 monthly “Actual kWh” numbers from the bottom table

The more usage data you enter, the more accurate your results will be.
If you only want a 3 – 9 month plan, enter zeros for the unused months.

 RateGrinder add usage by month
3 Highlight key Electricity Facts Label (EFL) details and graph your predicted rates by entering ‘1’ (or another plan’s rank from the ‘Results’ table) into the colored cell.  RateGrinder select plan to graph
4 Choose a plan by the Annual Cost1 and (optionally) company rating, then sign up online via its “Sign Up” link. By law, your new provider will completely manage the switch. You don’t need to inform your old provider, and there’s no risk of electricity loss. When signing up, make sure your final EFL’s  name, date, and version # match those shown in RateGrinder, as some EFL offers change DAILY.  RateGrinder find lowest cost
5 RateGrinder is not a free service, but we don’t ask for payment unless we’ve delivered value. If using RateGrinder saved you time and money in choosing your electricity plan, please click the “Buy Now” button to send us $10 per new contract you sign. Or help us spread the word to a friend and pay only $5!
RateGrinder calculator:  

6 Sign up for RateAlert or set your own reminder to come back and shop for your next plan when the new one ends. You can switch within 14 days of your contract’s end date without incurring termination fees. DON’T FORGET, or you’ll give up much of your savings to an expensive month-to-month default plan.

1 Calculated cost includes recurring energy and TDU charges, but not minor PUC fees, taxes, etc. RateGrinder summarizes non-recurring REP fees (for services like paper billing and non-automated payment) on the bottom-right table. See ‘Charges and Fees’ for more details.


Some plans change daily, so if you’re working off a previous day’s downloaded file, you’ll see a link at the top to bring you back here for the latest release.

The downloadable RateGrinder works with Microsoft® Excel® 2007 or newer, and possibly on older versions with some limitations. If you find an incompatibility, data error, or omission, please let us know at