About Us

TexasPowerGuide.com was founded by Houston resident Fred Anders and his family to help other Texas households save their hard-earned time and money. After enduring the confusopoly of providers and plans for our own electric service, we decided to develop a better approach.

Finding the best power plan doesn’t require fancy computer technology. It just takes basic math applied to a standardized list of options. For 15 years neither retailers nor regulators fully provided those capabilities, leaving countless Texans to derive their own. But now TexasPowerGuide.com does that work for everyone with our accessible RateGrinder tool and database.

In doing so, we strive to be thorough, transparent, and unbiased. We uniformly cover and rank ALL the plans on PowerToChoose.org by consumer cost irrespective of any referral fees we may receive. To prove it, we’re the only service that publishes all of our data and calculations. We’re independently owned, we provide information (not electricity), and we don’t require your personal or account information to give you the answers you need.

Help us help others manage their own electric plans so we can realize the true potential of our competitive market. Data and tools are key, but they only work with awareness and participation. If your neighbors are among the majority that overpay for their electricity, please tell them about TPG — they’ll thank you for it!