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“Thanks so much for RateGrinder; saved me lots of time and headaches!”
– Debbie A.
Houston, TX
Texas Power Guide in Dallas Morning News
In the Media: TPG in Dallas Morning News
“When I plugged my data into Rate Grinder, it came up with exactly the plans that I had spent hours and hours number crunching”
– Tony L.
Houston, TX
“For years I have been frustrated with Power to Choose. There is no way I could sort through all of the options, much less get an idea of what my true energy cost would be. As a result I’ve overpaid for a variable rate plan because I felt I could not make an informed decision. Texas Power Guide does all the work for you! Thanks so much for putting this product out there. I wish I had found it years ago.”
– Jonathan C.
Fort Worth, TX


Beyond The Math

There’s more to electricity shopping than prices. We tackle questions that others gloss over, including:

  • Should I pay extra for renewable energy?
  • Which electricity retailers are one and the same?
  • Is there really a best time of year to renew my annual contract? [We’re still researching this one… stay tuned.]


Calculated plan costs include recurring energy and TDU charges, but not minor PUC fees, taxes, etc. RateGrinder summarizes non-recurring REP fees (for services like paper billing and non-automated payment) on the bottom-right table. See ‘Charges and Fees’ for more details.